Ibezim Onah (@onahibezim2019)

Sep 2019

No pussies 2shag when i'm not a fag I fear/Instagram pls give me sweet girls ladies 2vulcanize/oh no/I don't buy girls ladies n can't afford them but I luv girls ladies o/no way/actually y I write this is on Instagram is cuz weneva I control ladies girls 2have fun with them, they rubbish me/I wonda who's the brain behind it when I dontve a gf or a wife n with no intentions of having any cuz I'm frustrated n poor n I've suffered n the last time I checked I didn't rubbish any lady or girl I had any escapade with, well I don't expect life 2b that easy tho cuz life is a bitch/girls no come when I'm not gay/I no understand/I confuse badly infact I frustrate by force/no joy/perfumes n shoes 4sale 07057465854