Ibezim Onah (@onahibezim2019)

Sep 2019

Gist in the building/I commot say make I go drink beer I c one guy wey dress like keanu Reeves 4matrix, na him wey him call girl put phone on speaker ask d baby say baby girl wey u dey d baby say she don travel since she shout say make the bobo go find work, hmm!! me I talk 4my mind say I feel say na only me wey girls n ladies dey rubbish o I no know say we plenty wey girls ladies dey rubbish/anyways as 4me no pussies 2shag when i'm not a fag I fit die/Instagram pls Give me sweet girls ladies 2vulcanize/dunno what 2do anymore/I'm alone horny single poor n in a confused state of mind with no way n with 0.00 bank acct/noone helps/wicked world/07057465854